Wizard Retreat Weekend


October 18, 2024 – October 20, 2024

Guest House Retreat Center, Chester, CT

Registration Starts Friday November 24th! To keep up to date on all our announcements please click below!

About The Weekend

The Wizard Retreat Weekend is a magic-filled, all-inclusive retreat celebrating the Harry Potter fandom.

We are not a “convention” (although it’s fine if you describe us to the muggles that way), we are a wizard’s retreat for members of the Harry Potter fandom. Our weekend is scheduled to include large & small group activities centered around your interests. All attendees will receive a personalized schedule and plenty of opportunities to meet new people!

Our retreat celebrates the community of fandom, making real connections, and the use of the Oxford comma. We strive to get to know everyone on a personal level, so attendance at the retreat will be limited to approximately 90-100 guests. 

We are inclusive. All races, ethnicities, ages, sexualities, and genders are welcome here!